We collaborate globally

We believe a successful future of connected and automated mobility (CAM) lies in global collaboration.

To accelerate the safe deployment of connected and self-driving vehicles, we encourage and enable global collaboration across critical areas of testing and development.

Benefits of collaboration

Zenzic energises the self-driving revolution by uniting industry, government and academia to set the world standard for excellence.

By taking a collaborative approach, we have a multiplier effect on the CAM ecosystem. Working together delivers incremental value to all stakeholders and improves coordination between leading countries in the drive to a mobile future.​

Global Collaboration

How we collaborate

Our independent position allows us to drive, deliver and champion the CAM ecosystem.

We believe greater alignment between countries in areas where it makes no sense to compete will enable the benefits of CAM to be realised at scale quicker.

Recent working groups led by the UK’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) and Zenzic have enhanced understanding across nations. Delegates from 11 countries identified what nations and governments need to do to unlock development, as well as the collaboration and steps needed to deliver it.

More formal approaches, including MOUs, open clear channels between organisations and countries for harmonised standards and regulation, physical testing, virtual testing and simulation.

The UK has MOUs with Michigan and Ontario, and Zenzic has MOUs with AESIN and BSI.

To find out how you can collaborate with Zenzic and the UK, get in touch.

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