As Zenzic celebrates 6 years of business, we take a look back at our time, and a look forward to success.

Following the strategic decision by Government to create the Centre of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) in 2015, there was a recognition for a need for a unique body to champion the UK Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) ecosystem and lead the UK in accelerating the self-driving revolution. This led to the creation of Zenzic, initially known as Meridian Mobility. 

The change in name signified a shift in focus, an expansion of our goals and a commitment to harness the power of innovation through collaboration. 

The name “Zenzic” derives from the Latin word “zensus”, meaning “square power”, and encapsulates the specific focus and development of collaboration and consensus, which symbolises Zenzic’s commitment to shaping the future of mobility in the UK.  

As Zenzic celebrates six years of innovation, collaboration and insights, we take a closer look at our journey, the significant milestones we’ve achieved, and what might lie ahead.  

Our transformation into Zenzic was driven by a vision to place the UK at the heart of the global CAM ecosystem. We sought to accelerate the CAM revolution and champion a safer, more secure, sustainable and inclusive transport future.  

One vision, three pillars

At the core of Zenzic’s success lie three our fundamental pillars: Insights, Innovation and Collaboration 

These pillars have been instrumental in driving the UK CAM ecosystem forward.  

Insights: Shaping the future with knowledge 

Effective decision-making and global leadership require a good understanding of technology, challenges and opportunities. Zenzic has been pivotal in delivering strategic insights to support the UK CAM ecosystem.  

Our industry-endorsed UK CAM Roadmap to 2035 is a powerful tool, aimed at bringing together academia, industry and government to work collectively toward a common vision.  

The Roadmap is not just a static document: it’s a dynamic tool that evolves with the rapidly changing technology landscape. It reflects the shifts in our society accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in the economy, and the advancements in technology.  

As we move from trials and experimentation to deployment, the Roadmap is a guide to the future, addressing crucial questions about infrastructure, communication and interoperability.  

Our commitment to simplification ensures that the Roadmap remains accessible and usable. We’ve structured it to highlight trends, drivers, required products, services, systems, capabilities and enablers. It’s a blueprint for the future, designed to booster growth and innovation.  

Alongside the Roadmap, we regularly produce strategic research documents, contributing effective insights to the government, academia and industry helping to guide the UK towards a leading position in the race for CAM commercialisation.  

From contributing concrete assessments of the CAM Supply Chain UK to developing a big picture view of the International CAM Landscape, the variety of insight developed from the strategic research output at Zenzic helps to accelerate our CAM future. 

Innovation: Fueling the future  

The UK has a rich history of innovation and technology development, and Zenzic recognises the importance of innovation in global competitiveness.  

We’ve been actively channeling government investment to support UK companies in developing CAM products and services.  

Through initiatives like the CAM Scale-Up UK programme, selected start-ups and SMEs gain access to funding, world-class testing facilities, technical and business assistance and investment support.  

Innovation at Zenzic extends to CAM Deployment UK as well. We’re proud to support seven projects across the UK with combined government and industry funding of £81 million. These projects are pioneering commercial CAM services, helping make the UK a global leader in this field.  

Finally, our commitment to the CAM Supply Chain UK has recently led to the successful announcement of 13 projects, awarded £18.5 million in combined government and industry funding.  

These projects are focused on driving innovation and commercialising CAM, with an eye on early commercial opportunities in the UK and international markets.  

Collaboration: Uniting for success  

The UK CAM ecosystem comprises numerous organisations, each with capabilities essential for unlocking the benefits of CAM.  

Zenzic thrives on encouraging collaboration among industry, government and academia across all sectors relevant to CAM. Our strength lies in our ability to break down traditional industrial silos and facilitate development and deployment. 

The UK also offers outstanding opportunities for testing and development through CAM Testbed UK. This hub allows ideas to transition from concept to reality, whether virtually or physically, all within a 3-hour drive.  

The UK’s extensive and integrated facilities are world-leading, enabling the cross-sharing of data and allowing a collaborative approach to research and development.  

This infrastructure plays an important role in driving the future of CAM, a testament to the power of collaboration, which drives innovation and development in the CAM sector. 

For more detailed information, download the CAM Testbed UK brochure. 

Recent event highlights: navigating the global CAM Landscape 

Our mission to champion collaboration, innovation and a sustainable future has taken us to various events across the globe. Here’s a glimpse into the events we’ve been a part of this year:

JSAE in Japan in May 2023

In May, our journey led by our Programme Director, Mark Cracknell and our Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Frances Williamson to Yokohama, Japan for JSAE 2023, the premier automotive engineering show in Asia. This event provided a platform to showcase the latest breakthroughs in automotive technologies. During our time in Japan, we had the privilege of meeting with the British Embassy in Tokyo, and shaping collaborations between Japan and the UK within the automotive and mobility sectors. The insights gained during these meetings laid the foundation for meaningful partnerships. We look forward to further nurturing relationships and sharing our solutions as we continue to contribute to the advancements in the field of automotive engineering.

ITS European Congress in Lisbon in May 2023 

In May, our Head of Technology & Insights, Francis McKinney and our Stakeholder Engagement Executive, Michael Majewski represented Zenzic at the ITS European Congress in Lisbon, the largest European event for smart mobility. They took their place on the UK Government Pavilion, supporting the Transport Technology Forum (TTF) and demonstrating our commitment to collaboration and innovation. The event was bustling with activity, with significant interest in CAM Deployment UK and the CAM Roadmap UK. Collaborative success was a recurring theme, highlighting the importance of partnerships in driving progress in the CAM field.

MOVE in London in June 2023 

In June, we attended MOVE in London, an event dedicated to the transformation of urban mobility. Zenzic’s stand, jointly sponsored with APC and NVN, drew interest from visitors eager to learn about CAM Scale-Up UK, supporting innovative start-ups and SMEs. The event featured these programme participants, showcasing their visions for future mobility. On stage, Mark Cracknell, emphasised the importance of SMEs in CAM innovation, highlighting the role of the CAM Scale-Up programme as a catalyst for these smaller players. MOVE also facilitated discussions on CAM Testbed capabilities, promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing. 

CENEX in Millbrook in September 2023 

CENEX in Millbrook, held in September, showcased cutting-edge technology and innovations. Elevating CAM’s presence, this year’s event dedicated its own CAM Hall with two stages, bustling with the brightest companies in the CAM community. The Zenzic wall in the CAM hall served as a captivating backdrop for conversations and engaging discussions. Zenzic used the CENEX platform to unveil two significant pieces of work: our International CAM Landscape and the CAM Supply Chain UK survey, assessing strengths and opportunities in the UK’s Supply Chain. Zenzic’s presence extended to the speaker lineup, with Frances Williamson and our Technical Delivery Lead, Mili Naik leading sessions on CAM’s future and regulatory framework development.

Zenzic’s mission remains unwavering 

As we celebrate six years of Zenzic’s journey, we eagerly anticipate the future of CAM.  

The CAVPASS programme set to launch in 2025 promises new opportunities and challenges, and we’re committed to championing the UK’s role in the global CAM ecosystem.  

Zenzic’s mission remains unwavering: to ensure a safer, more secure, sustainable and inclusive transport future for all.  

We’re here to boost growth, scale-up opportunities and drive economic impact while addressing the evolving demands of the mobility landscape.  

Through insights, innovation and collaboration, we’re paving the way for a brighter future in CAM. Join us on this journey as we continue to champion the UK CAM ecosystem and make champions of others.  

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