Francis McKinney is Zenzic’s Head of Technology, while Michael Majewski plays a key role in Stakeholder Engagement within the Zenzic team.

On 22 to 24 May, Francis McKinney and Michael Majewski attended the ITS European Congress in Lisbon, the largest European event for smart mobility. Representing Zenzic, Francis and Michael took their place at Booth B15 on the UK Government Pavilion, supporting the Transport Technology Forum (TTF) stand to both talk about and demonstrate our commitment to collaboration and fostering innovation within the field of smart mobility.

The conference was as busy as expected, with a lot of interest in the TFF stand, CAM Deployment UK and the CAM Roadmap to 2035. As firm believers in collaboration as a means for progress, both Francis and Michael spoke to delegates with passion about our engagements with key players to shape the future of CAM and the work of the Zenzic team to champion the wider UK CAM ecosystem.

The British Ambassador at the UK Pavillion

Fostering collaborative success: reflecting on positive experiences and future partnerships in the CAM field

A highlight of the event was the British Ambassador’s visit to Booth B15, who was clear in his praise for the innovation of the UK companies present at the conference. He also noted his support of their work to accelerate the self-driving revolution.

We enjoyed meeting with a number of important representatives, including from the All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations (AWARD) and MODI, two influential EU deployment projects. We also fielded substantial interest in the CAM Deployment UK trials with representatives from a wide range of European countries.

At Zenzic, we enjoy opportunities to collaborate and share insight in meetings with our contemporaries across Europe and we came away from our meetings feeling very positive and looking forward to further work together in the future.

Collaboration really is a cornerstone for success in the CAM field, and the overwhelming takeaway from the event was how frequently attendees from across Europe reflected this sentiment to us. As we learn more about the experiences and insights of our peers in the UK, Europe and beyond, we can faster overcome roadblocks and accelerate the self-driving revolution in the UK.

TTF booth at ITS European Congress

Listen to Francis McKinney on Highways Voices podcast at ITS European Congress 

We would like to highlight Francis’s contribution to the episode of the Highways Voices podcast recorded at the UK Pavilion. You can hear Francis talk about the UK testing capability, CAM Scale-Up UK, CAM Deployment UK, and the visionary CAM Roadmap through the Highways News website.

Gratitude to the incredible TTF team: the hub of vital conversations at the ITS European Congress

We would also like to thank the fantastic team at TTF for providing the stand that’s been the venue of so many important conversations over the course of the ITS European Congress.

At Zenzic, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for our organisation and the broader CAM ecosystem. We continue to play our part in promoting the sustainable and safer transportation solutions that will revolutionise our future.

If you would like to discuss the future of CAM or what we can do for you, get in touch.

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