On 14 November 2023, Zenzic participated in the Transport Technology Forum (TTF), held at the IET, Birmingham. The event provided an ideal opportunity for industry leaders to converge, collaborate and dive into the developments driving the Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) revolution. 

Michael Majewski, Zenzic’s Stakeholder Engagement Executive reports on his top seven takeaways: 

1: Inclusivity and collaboration 

Numerous software companies were keen to forge collaborations with local authorities. The event was an ideal platform for discussing potential partnerships on diverse projects, reflecting a shared commitment to advancing CAM solutions at the local level.  

The inclusivity of the event was highlighted in a collaborative session with the Department for Transport (DfT) and councils, encouraging engagement in interactive sessions across diverse topics.  

TTF’s working groups had an engaging session where they shared insights into their activities, welcomed newcomers and generated interest in the SPATULA initiative. The SPATULA Group, initially focused on signal phase and timing, has evolved into a broader forum for connected vehicles and roadside systems. It serves as a Technical Working Group supported by the Department for Transport and Innovate UK. The Connected Vehicles group welcomes participants from various backgrounds, including users, road operators, automotive industry professionals, data providers and hardware suppliers. It provides a platform for showcasing UK developments, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and creating collaboration with other projects and users. If interested in joining, there is a form available for completion via the link above.  

2: Connected and Automated Mobility in the spotlight 

Throughout the presentations, CAM was mentioned on a regular basis, reflecting the industry’s dedication to driving innovation and technological solutions that will shape the future of transportation. 

3: Post-King’s Speech 

The highlight of the event was The King’s Speech 

Different sessions hosted speakers from the DfT, who hinted at forthcoming improvements to the Transport Bill in the coming months – a testament to the continuous evolution of the regulatory landscape. 

4: Zenzic at the TTF 

Zenzic’s Programme Director, Mark Cracknell, took the stage to provide a comprehensive overview of our mission and Commercialising CAM.  

Commercialising CAM is made up of CAM Deployment UK, CCAV’s initiative that saw seven projects from across the UK be awarded £81 million in combined government and industry funding for commercial self-driving passenger and freight services. 

Commercialising CAM also consists of CCAV’s CAM Supply Chain UK programme, through which 13 projects from across the UK were awarded £16 million in combined government and industry funding to drive innovation and commercialise CAM. 

Barney Smith from Sunderland Advanced Mobility Shuttle (SAMS) then presented a compelling CAM case study, outlining the project’s usage, benefits, and impact. The Local Councils Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) recognised its significance, setting the stage for further exploration in an upcoming webinar. 

5: The competition landscape 

The event also talked about the competition landscape where Innovate UK shared insights into funding opportunities aimed at improving competitiveness and shaping the future of transport. Attendees gained valuable insights into forming consortia and actively participating in these initiatives. 

6: International perspectives 

TTF embraced an international dimension as well, with ERTICO and ITS UK providing a global perspective in the closing sessions, enriching the discourse on the future of mobility. 

7: Networking at the TTF 

The central location in Birmingham facilitated easy access, and the networking opportunities created an environment conducive to meaningful collaborations. 

Exhibitors, including Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), showcased innovations in the coffee and lunch areas, adding a dynamic element to the event. 

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