The UK has agreed to re-join Horizon Europe as a fully associated member for the 2024 Work Programme onwards. This move was unanimously approved by the European Council on 15th November 2023.  

This news is exciting for CAM UK companies. The programme is offering five new competitions for projects in the Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) space, opening for applications on 7th May 2024.  

€42 million of budgeted funding is available between the projects, with a generous budget available for each competition (ranging between €4 million and €12 million). Funding rates of up to 100% of direct costs will also be a strong incentive to apply. UK businesses will require a thoughtful approach if they are to capitalise on the opportunity. It will be crucial to form effective consortia to maximise their chances of success. 

Busy times are ahead for potential applicants. Amid high interest in the programme, we were delighted to be joined by Louise Mothersole for a fully subscribed briefing for members of the Zenzic community. This webinar covered new opportunities presented in the Horizon Europe programme and key advice for success. 

As the Horizon Europe UK National Contact Point for Mobility, Louise Mothersole works within a team of Government appointed national advisors to enable UK organisations to successfully participate in the programme. As part of their ongoing responsibilities, national advisors help businesses by providing direct support to navigate the Horizon Europe application systems. They also offer tailored guidance to help find consortia partners. and understand how to develop a successful proposal.  

Louise Mothersole has a renowned reputation in the CAM sector and last week’s session was warmly received. Attendees were treated to an enjoyable presentation, taking away a comprehensive overview of what the UK’s participation in the programme means for them. They were also provided with a clear explanation of how the Horizon Europe programme is structured, and advice on finding the most suitable partners to build a winning consortium. 

“I’m delighted to have been a guest speaker for Zenzic last week, talking to their community about the new Horizon Europe funding competitions for CCAM projects, opening for proposals in May 2024.  

“The work Zenzic are doing to promote the new opportunities Horizon Europe provides UK CAM SMEs is really important.  

I’d encourage anyone in the CAM market to investigate the new Horizon Europe competitions and get in touch with me directly for support.”Louise Mothersole, Horizon Europe UK National Contact Point for Mobility