As part of our role to advance the UK’s road to Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM), Zenzic’s recognises the vital role that collaboration with critical partners plays. 

We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG), an organisation that shares our passion for innovation, collaboration and the future of mobility. 

Driving change through collaboration 

Mark Cracknell, Programme Director at Zenzic, has captured the essence of this partnership: 

“Zenzic is committed to fostering collaboration across sectors in the UK Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) ecosystem. Local authorities play a pivotal role in delivering safe and successful deployment and adoption of CAM.  

Our membership of LCRIG enables us to engage with this vital network, promoting participation and knowledge-sharing, and facilitating workshops and webinars for industry, academia, and government collaboration.” 

What does this partnership with LCRIG mean for Zenzic and our partners? 

This partnership opens up opportunities for Zenzic to engage with the extensive network of local authorities and highways authorities, totaling over 100 organisations. This network will allow us to have meaningful conversations with the most specific contacts, ensuring that our initiatives and innovations are well-placed for success. 

We will be hosting workshops in collaboration with LCRIG, where we will brief local authorities on our Commercialising CAM initiatives. These workshops will provide a platform for practical knowledge exchange, driving innovation and technology adoption in the CAM sector.  

Finally, one of the significant aspects of this partnership is the chance to work closely with local authorities involved in deployment projects. Authorities such as Coventry City Council, Sunderland City Council, Transport for West Midlands, and many more are keen to showcase their unique contributions to various stakeholders, particularly local authorities. This aligns with our mission to promote innovation and collaboration, and we’re looking forward to further supporting these endeavors. 

Strengthening communication  

At its core, this partnership is about enhancing communication and collaboration. Both Zenzic and LCRIG boast extensive networks of stakeholders, but the alliance lies in our different approaches. While we are not a member organisation like LCRIG, our goal is the same: to drive innovation and technological advancement across the local roads network. 

As part of this partnership, we will actively contribute to events that are supported by LCRIG. These include ITS European Congress, ITS World Congress, and Transport Technology Forum (TTF) meetings. Our involvement in these events aligns with our commitment to driving innovation and technology adoption in the CAM sector.  

LCRIG’s connections with organisations and government departments closely align with our own engagements. These include the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Transport Technology Forum (TTF). LCRIG also serves as the secretariat for TTF, further strengthening our shared interests in advancing CAM technologies. 

Additionally, one of LCRIG’s close partners is the Welsh Government, which offers an exciting opportunity for us. We have been actively engaging with Wales, participating in face-to-face meetings, events and collaborative initiatives. We eagerly look forward to this collaboration with the Welsh Government as we work together to shape the future of CAM. 

The road ahead 

Our partnership with LCRIG represents a significant milestone in our mission to accelerate the CAM revolution and place the UK at the heart of it.  

Together with LCRIG, we are committed to making the case for local roads through collaboration, innovation, skills and sustainability 

We invite you to stay tuned as we progress our journey with LCRIG. 

For more information, or to talk about our programmes, get in touch.