The world’s largest vehicle test and development expo

The ability to share and showcase advanced technology for autonomous vehicle development brings Zenzic (formerly Meridian) to Stuttgart, at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2019. Here, we will address our mission to influence global collaboration – whilst showcasing testing and development capabilities available in the UK.

The expo offers a unique opportunity as it is co-located with both the Automotive Testing Expo, the world’s largest vehicle test and development technologies exhibition, and the Automotive Interiors Expo, showcasing everything from vehicle materials, to lighting technologies to safety systems.

Driving Adoption at Scale – Essential Activities to 2030

Join Dr Richard Porter for our panel discussion with Andy Harris (WMG), Chris Reeves (HORIBA MIRA), Nick Chrissos (Cisco) and Peter Stoker (Millbrook)

Date: Tuesday 21 May 2019

Time: 11:45

By joining the panel discussion, you will gain an insight into this fundamental industry debate – how we work towards scaling connected and self-driving technologies for market-ready services. Undoubtedly, trials of self-driving vehicles are gathering pace. But there are still only a small number of experimental vehicles on our roads. What is needed to rapidly scale these limited trials to significant demonstrations, and ultimately, to market-ready services?

This session will focus on the ecosystem being created, which is pivotal to accelerating market adoption of self-driving technologies, with focus on cross sector collaboration – emphasising the importance of harnessing the skills, capabilities and regulations in a common direction and at the right time. The focus will be on the journey needed from right now, the present day, to 2030 and the vision needed to maximise the benefits of connected and self-driving vehicles as early as possible.

Testing Automated Vehicles

Join David Hynd

Date: Thursday 23 May 2019

Time: 09:50

TRL’s Chief Scientist of Engineering and Technology, David Hynd, will discuss the independent testing of automated vehicles as a component of AV certification.

TRL has been instrumental in designing many of the testing regimes which make European vehicles the safest in the world. Now at the forefront of connected and autonomous vehicle testing, TRL is developing the safety case – providing the safety assurance for the majority of technology demonstrations and operator trials happening in the UK.

The methods being used will be discussed, as well as why, a different approach to rigour is required for non-human driven vehicles; how only a combination of long history of research in this area coupled with a clear vision into the future is required to understand their interactions with and impact on their human driven counterparts.

Come and meet the team!

Hall: 6

Stand: AV6045

Learn how Zenzic is collaborating with government, industry and academia. Meet the Zenzic team and Testbed UK partners at the stand from 21-23 May or get in touch below to book a meeting with the team.

Meet with the teams from HORIBA MIRA, Midlands Future Mobility, Millbrook and Smart Mobility Living Lab: London, all part of Testbed UK.


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