The first cohort of the Zenzic CAM Scale-Up UK programme finished in March 2020 where selected SMEs were awarded a share of £500,000 to test and develop their products through the world-leading CAM Testbed UK. Since then, the selected SMEs have continued their impressive work within the CAM ecosystem. 


2021 has been a busy and exciting year for ANGOKA. Since March, they’ve made several exciting new hires and further developed their innovative security solution. Ongoing projects, such as Project Xcelerate, a drone project led by BT, are continuing well. They are extremely excited to further explore the potential of drones as the future of Smart Mobility. Events they’ve attended this year include DSEI and ITS, where they won the prestigious Technology Innovation Award. They have also entered into a strategic partnership with Goldbell Group, Singapore’s leading mobility group. Steve Berry, ANGOKA’s Executive Chairman, has also become a mentor to their accelerator, MoveSG. Finally, they are very involved in creating a 5G living test bed in Belfast, where ANGOKA is headquartered. ANGOKA is excited to bring new opportunities to Northern Ireland, and are looking forward to continued growth and innovation in the new year. To find out more, please click here or contact:


Beam Connectivity

Beam Connectivity’s participation in the Zenzic CAM Scale-Up Programme accelerated the launch of their Connected Vehicle as a Service (CVaaS) platform by 6 months. They have deployed CVaaS to new  customers who benefit from their end-to-end system. With the core platform now launched, Beam Connectivity continue to roll out new features to their customers. These are selected to strengthen their pillars: cyber secure, high-performance and versatile. With several new projects kicking off over the next quarter, Beam Connectivity are delighted to be growing their development and delivery teams and look forward to a bright and busy start to 2022. To find out more please click here or contact:


Eatron Technologies

The CAM Scale-up programme was a key milestone in Eatron Technologies’ journey to deliver their software platform to serial production. With the endorsement and results from the programme, they received a lot of in interest in their technology both from customers and investors, which fuelled their growth. Since the end of the programme, Eatron Technologies has more than tripled their team from 25 to 80+ engineers, and they have recently announced their £8M SeriesA round which will support their growth further. They are now focusing on leveraging AI to personalize automated driving experience and they look forward to sharing their results early next year. To find out more, click here or contact:


Helix Geospace

Helix Geospace has closed the latest rounds of investment from UKI2S, Bloc Ventures and private investors since the end of the Zenzic CAM Scale-Up programme. They have continued the development of GNSS antennas for GPS and Galileo constellations towards mass production as well as the development of Iridium frequency band antennas for satellite data communications. Helix are currently working on the development of customer relationships that will lead to mass production purchase orders as well as phased array antennas and electronic systems to detect and mitigate against malicious jamming and spoofing attacks. Helix Geospace recently announced its £3m Seed funding to take its world-leading GPS antennas into mass production, and they are looking forward to the first customer trials that are planned in 2022. For more information, please click here or contact:

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