Smart Transport Conference is dedicated to connecting the policies set out by the public sector to the capabilities presented by the private sector through networking, knowledge transferring and debates. The conference presents the key challenges and opportunities that potential delegates could face as a result of:

  • The changing climate and implication of UK’s government policy
  • The effects of new technological advancements on firms
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  • Delegates will have the opportunity to hear insight from a diverse range of leading speakers and pioneers in the UK transport sector, including Zenzic CEO, Daniel Ruiz, and Head of Strategy, Michael Talbot.


Daniel Ruiz

9.50 AM – 10.10 AM

Title: How the UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030 is being used to increase safety, inclusion and productivity.

Synopsis: Imagine a society that is interconnected through the power of automated mobility. The UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030 is using a single vision to provide an agreed view of the future to deliver exactly this, enabling collaboration between key stakeholders from government, industry and academia to improve the safety, inclusivity and productivity of society as we currently know it.

Michael Talbot

2.30 PM – 2.45 PM

Title: Consumer needs and how might CAV benefit them

Synopsis: Connected and self-driving vehicles have the potential to transform mobility as we currently understand it. But this transformation extends beyond today’s drivers to young people who’ve never had a licence, older people who risk losing access to independent mobility, and people (especially those who are visually or physically impaired) who have always been dependent on others for their mobility requirements.


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