Earlier this year Zenzic was pleased to announce additional funding to support CAM Scale-Up UK Alumni SMEs to engage in a challenge led proof of concept to demonstrate their commercial readiness.

This opportunity was exclusively available to CAM Scale-Up UK alumni to access a share of an additional grant funding made available by CCAV. The purpose of the funding is to enable SME to overcome the sometimes, significant engineering costs incurred to integrate their work into a customer solution.

To access funding, CAM Scale-Up UK alumni meeting the eligibility criteria took part in a detailed application process, demonstrating their opportunity, proof of concept with customer application and the market potential of the work.

We’re excited to announce the following SME’s have been awarded funding to support the next step of their journey:

Albora Technologies – Developing a high-precision geolocation open ecosystem

Angoka – Protecting communications for smart cities and mobility

Beam Connectivity – Unlocking the value of data generated by your vehicle fleet

Dromos – An autonomous high-capacity dual use (passengers or freight) urban mobility system at low cost and high convenience.

Eloy– Multi-vehicle coordination for high density destinations

Oxford RF – Breakthrough sensor vision for ADAS & Autonomy

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities available to members of the CAM Scale-Up UK community, or have any further questions about this work, please contact info@zenzic.io and a member of the team will be in touch.