Exeros Technologies is once again pushing the boundaries of commercial fleet safety and management. VideMatics® is a new powerful all-in-one video telematics and fleet management platform built to transform how fleet managers reduce fleet risk altogether. 

“Simply put, VideMatics® is the new commercial fleet ally. We’ve made video management incredibly simple and easy to use and much more powerful than anything out there,” explained Exeros’ CEO, Jay Biring.

“Larger fleets in particular deal with massive amounts of data and triggered events. It is nearly impossible to track what’s happening day to day.

VideMatics® helps the fleet manager focus on what’s important, automating all the rest, and providing many new features that have not been considered before,” continued Jay.

The new platform empowers fleets with accurate data with much more advanced risk profiling.

The platform also includes additional modules such as Contextual Driver Scoring, FNOL Automated Accident Management Reporting and Vehicle Walk-around Checks.

The new drivers scoring algorithms are like nothing ever seen before accurately showing exactly where your fleet risks lie. Traditional driver scoring is very basic. This new Driver Scoring 2.0 provides much more context, giving a more accurate picture of what’s happening with your vehicles.

The FNOL Automated Accident Management feature will revolutionise how accident reporting is collected and assessed. It builds absolute consistency to process when an accident occurs, but the platform reduces the chance of that accident from taking place significantly beforehand.

VideMatics® is device agnostic so can be integrated with existing connected vehicle technology – whether Exeros Technologies or third-party hardware – integrating all the data gathered onto one intelligent platform for easy fleet management.

The platform will contribute to the realisation of a rich ecosystem that empowers users to eliminate road and fleet risk, allowing for new ways to interact, create, and share data freely and securely across departments.

Exeros Technologies is one of the alumni from the CAM Scale-Up Programme, and the leading pioneer in smart vehicle technology. 

About Exeros Technologies

Exeros-Technologies is an award-winning company founded back in 2009. Always pushing boundaries, the company is now one step closer to achieving its vision of making sure that every road user makes it home safely each day.

The company today, is involved in a multitude of projects for some of the largest fleets such as the RAC, AA, FirstBus and National Highways among others.

Our market-leading experience in this sector enables them to consult with key customers as a strategic technology partner, empowering them to deliver and customise solutions for the specific transport challenges faced by the fleet. Visit the Exeros website.