Today, Zenzic and its testbed partners have launched a new video series – CAM Testbed UK: Connected.

We took one electric van to five testing facilities to showcase the UK’s comprehensive and coordinated connectivity testing capabilities for connected and self-driving vehicle technologies.

With secure, high speed communications and data sharing across virtual, controlled, semi-controlled and real road environments  CAM Testbed UK’s connectivity testing capabilities are unique. These facilities, located within a 3-hour drive of each other, are ready to use.

You can watch the five part series along with a brief introduction here.

Five testbeds, five complementary tests scenarios

By working together as CAM Testbed UK, these facilities offer the full range of connectivity testing capabilities required to take connected and self-driving vehicle technologies to market. In the CAM Testbed UK: Connected video series we explore some of them:


Data exchange and analysis


HORIBA MIRA-Coventry University CAV Testbed

Real-time interaction between physical and simulated environments


Millbrook-Culham Urban Testbed

Real-time, rapid data transfer and reporting


Midlands Future Mobility

Safe and robust systems for road context information sharing


Smart Mobility Living Lab

Trials support and safety case development