We are pleased to release the Safety Case Framework – a report by Zenzic, authored by TRL, now available for download. We partnered with TRL earlier this year to produce a framework that sets out high level safety requirements for use across the Testbed UK ecosystem – enabling a consistent approach and delivering a more seamless customer journey.

Safety Case Framework Report by Zenzic

This framework will be built upon by:

  • BSI and Zenzic working to develop the framework further into a publicly available specification later this year
  • Zenzic, TRL and the wider connected and automated mobility ecosystem enhancing the guidance for safety and developing processes to allow for the safety cases to be moved between testbeds.

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Background to the framework:

The Code of Practice for Automated Vehicle Trialling released earlier this year by the Department for Transport, promotes responsible vehicle testing and details some safety recommendations, including the requirement for a safety case.

We identified a further requirement for a consistent approach across testbeds by setting out safety requirements in more detail. An initial workshop identified desirable features for the guidance, and to further develop the standard, key stakeholders attended a follow-up workshop to discuss content which now forms the basis of this report.