Zenzic’s Head of Technology, Mark Cracknell, talks to CEO and founder of Aurrigo, David Keene. Watch the video to find out more about Aurrigo and why they are putting themselves forward as a CAM Creator.

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Can you tell us about Aurrigo and your role within it?

My role at Aurrigo is CEO, but also founder. Our core company is RDM Group and Aurrigo is the autonomous division from the original company. RDM Group has been going for just over 27 years and Aurrigo has been going for about six years.

Why is collaboration so important for the effective development and deployment of CAM in the UK?

Collaboration is absolutely essential, because the problem of autonomy is far too large for one company to ever cope with or deliver a complete solution. There are many aspects to the collaboration. Not just working with suppliers and partners, but collaboration from government, insurance, and legislators. Together, all of those people and organisations need to work together to make sure that we can effectively deliver CAM solutions that actually benefit people or a sector of the economy.

How does the UK CAM Roadmap to 2030 encourage collaboration?

It can be very difficult when you’ve got a complex environment with lots of things changing and multiple interdependencies, to really see a clear picture of what that vision looks like. And, of course, what Zenzic has done in bringing the roadmap together is they’ve found a way to clearly show all of the activities, put them in some into some sort of timeline and then show those interdependencies, which sometimes are quite simple, but others are quite complex. It’s a tool that really visualises the whole of the CAM sector and all of the players in it.

Why are you putting yourself forward as a CAM Creator for the next roadmap release?

The CAM Creator initiative for us is all about, first of all, showing what we’re doing as a company and organisation. We’re one of the leading UK, and probably in the world, developers of autonomous vehicles primarily for first and last mile passenger and cargo applications. I think being part of the whole CAM UK scene and being part of the roadmap that Zenzic has put together enables other people to get an understanding of what we’re doing, when we’re doing it and how we’re doing it. That’s great for us because it gives us some visualisation on not only a UK scale, but on a world scale.

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