What we do

Accelerating the self-driving revolution

We accelerate the UK’s connected and self-driving vehicle ecosystem, by facilitating and promoting development across the UK.

Zenzic (formerly Meridian) was created by government and industry to focus on key areas of UK capability in the global connected and self-driving sector. A sector predicted to be worth £907 billion by 2035.

How we work

Zenzic’s role enables, coordinates and facilitates, putting the UK at the centre of a transport revolution. We bring together the three main forces of industry, government and academia to create a new, thriving and prosperous economy with a positive impact on society.


Driving collaboration, leading and shaping a world-class Testbed UK.​


Delivering a comprehensive UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030 that guides decision makers, policy makers and investors.​


Championing the UK connected and self-driving vehicle ecosystem by showcasing our unique offer.

Our offering

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Dedicated funding to build world-class connected and self-driving testing capabilities.

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Testbed UK ecosystem

Uniting industry, government and academia to deliver added value.

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Roadmap to 2030

Defining the UK Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) Roadmap.

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Communicating the value of the UK’s facilities and its unique offering.

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Global collaboration

Partnering with pioneering countries and companies on standards, safety and skills.

We’d love to discuss how we can assist your project.

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