We have been working with OS to explore geospatial data requirements for the self-driving future. Our latest report is now available to download. ‘Geodata Report – analysis and recommendations for self-driving vehicle testing’, aims to examine interoperability requirements for geospatial data which are needed for testing and development, and then to set the foundations for operational deployments.

We are releasing the report with an accompanying consultation form to gain further input from the wider industry. Your contributions can help to build on current findings and impact future iterations of the report. The consultation period is running to 30 October 2019.

Background to the report

The market for self-driving vehicles in the UK, specifically that for road vehicles using connected and self-driving technologies, is projected to be worth up to £52 billion in 2035, capturing 6% of the £907 billion global market.

Ensuring the success of self-driving vehicles is a complex challenge, and one which will require collaboration between government and multiple industries to ensure its success.

One of the major complexities relates to the use of geospatial data to aid the routing, navigation and safe operation of vehicles.

Zenzic commissioned Ordnance Survey (OS) to explore these geospatial data requirements when considering the life cycle of testing and the data interoperability requirements to enable UK plc to provide an exemplar test facility ecosystem to attract vehicle manufacturers wishing to conduct testing.