What's on our mind

What’s on our mind

The development of connected and automated mobility is a complex subject. We are considering and working on key areas for the future of the connected and self-driving ecosystem.

Icon: Connectivity


Open standards devised and adopted on a global scale are vital for technical interconnectivity. Thanks to support from network operators, some UK testbeds are already 5G-ready.

Icon: Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Networks of the size and complexity required for connected and automated mobility to flourish safely must be absolutely secure and robust. All six testbeds offer data or virtual facilities, many of which are 5G-ready.

Icon: Data


Autonomous transport systems will use and generate data, creating a new value chain that takes in raw data and adds value. In order for this data to be used appropriately, safeguarding frameworks will need to be developed.

Icon: Infrastructure


As CAM develops in sophistication, associated infrastructural developments in communications, data, highways and intelligent network management will underpin the new technologies, products and services that emerge.

Icon: Mapping


CAM will require real-time, real-world mapping data to maximise the effectiveness in connecting vehicles to their environment. Vehicles are set to benefit from this data as the road network evolves.

Icon: Safety


Being safe, and being seen to be safe are of paramount importance to everyone in the connected and automated mobility ecosystem. Our rigorous testing facilities aim to ensure the UK is providing a safe, informed journey to the mobile future.

Icon: Services


The development of any technology is underpinned by the services it will be used for. Applications in accessibility, mobility and transport as well as freight and logistics operations will define the ways in which connected and self-driving vehicle technology matures.

Icon: Simulation


In order to accelerate research, development and subsequent deployment, a multitude of driving environments and operational factors need to be considered. Simulations enable dynamic testing configurations as well as flexibility in accelerating far beyond real time speeds for data collection.

Icon: Society

Society and people

Considering the effects of emerging legislation and regulation, public acceptance and establishing the appropriate skills pipeline will ensure a strong societal foundation upon which connected and self-driving vehicles can be successfully deployed.

Icon: Testing


Testing across simulation, as well as controlled and open environments is essential to prove connected and self-driving vehicles are capable of operating safely and efficiently in the real world.

Icon: Trust


Our work with academia and the legal and insurance sectors strives to make connected and automated mobility acceptable and accessible to users.

Icon: Vehicles


Deployment of connected and self-driving vehicles brings about a new definition of driving itself. Challenges relating to autonomous control systems, software and updates as well as connectivity and vehicle design are fundamental in understanding the nature of these new vehicles and how they will function.

We are mapping the road to 2030

The UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap details developments from the present day to 2030. It presents a single vision that shows dependencies, focuses on investment and articulates the path to scale capabilities and technologies.

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