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The UK is open for testing

Connected and self-driving vehicle technologies will create huge economic benefits, with the UK industry set to be worth £52 Billion by 2035.

Our country is at the forefront of the connected and self-driving future. Ranked No 1 for market attractiveness in a 2019 report prepared by Frost & Sullivan, the UK offers access to sophisticated infrastructure, world-class AI capabilities, and four of the top ten research universities in the world.

UK regulation allows self-driving vehicle testing on any UK road, and CAM Testbed UK testing facilities work collaboratively to provide a uniquely comprehensive offering within a 3-hour drive. This collaboration, led by Zenzic, is building a complementary, world-leading ecosystem from the heart of the UK.

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All facilities within a 3-hour drive

Ranging from London to West Midlands, each of the testbeds has a unique offering.

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All weather conditions

Testing in the UK means you can expect a variety of conditions, from rain to sunshine to hail - sometimes within one day.

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Our facilities offer broad and in-depth data capture, including 5G-ready data exchange, cleansing and analysis.

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Five of the UK testbeds have facilities for highways testing of self-driving vehicles.

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Multi-surface terrain

Push your programme to its limits with a multitude of surfaces, from unmarked tarmac to potholes and off-road challenges.

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The UK offers complete and rigorous testing facilities, including parking infrastructure.

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Rural roads

UK regulation facilitates road-worthy connected and self-driving vehicle testing on rural roads and at testbeds.

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Urban roads

Legally test on any UK urban road, and at five of the UK’s testbeds.

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Virtual & physical

Offering physical and virtual facilities, allowing for testing and development across simulated and physical scenarios.

Test anywhere in the UK

The UK has one of the most welcoming regulatory frameworks for the safe testing of automated vehicles in the world.

Providing developers comply with UK law, CAV can be tested on any UK road. Our Code of Practice requires:

• A safety operator (in or out of the vehicle) is ready, able and willing to resume control of the vehicle.

• The vehicle be road worthy, with appropriate insurance in place.

Research and development

Complementing investment in testing and development capabilities, the UK holds regular funding competitions to encourage collaboration across sectors and countries for R&D within the UK.

To date, we have invested over £120m of Government grants in over 80 collaborative R&D projects, involving over 200 organisations.

£200m across 8 projects and 28 organisations

Get in touch to find the right testing and development facility for your project.

We are mapping the road to 2030

The UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap details developments from the present day to 2030. It presents a single vision that shows dependencies, focuses on investment and articulates the path to scale capabilities and technologies.

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