As the development of technology to enable Connected and Automated Mobility continues to scale, appropriate verification and validation of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) is essential to ensure their ability operates in a way that is safe, secure and in line with their intended function. Join HORIBA MIRA on 19 August 2020 at 10:00am to hear more about Assured CAV.

During this webinar, the following will be covered:

• HORIBA MIRA’s CAV test ecosystem

• An overview of ASSURED CAV and how it supports the validation and verification of CAV technologies

• How this unique combination of capability can benefit our customers

• The efficiencies gained from testing at a single location

For over 15 years HORIBA MIRA has been involved in the development of CAVs – delivering pioneering research programmes, developing purpose-built test facilities around the world and supporting the development of vehicles and highly automated systems from concept through to trial and deployment.

Their globally unique CAV test ecosystem incorporates every aspect of CAV development, from simulation, modelling, proving ground testing and real-world trials. Bringing this together under one umbrella offers countless benefits and opportunities to ensure an efficient, repeatable and secure development programme.