From Meridian to Zenzic

Zenzic means ‘squared’ or ‘to the power of’

Our new name conveys the multiplier effect we have on the UK’s connected and self-driving ecosystem. We are both catalyst and connector. By working closely with partners from industry, government and academia, we increase the speed and intensity of the move to a mobile future. By joining together to achieve a common goal we are accelerating the self-driving revolution.

Meridian is now Zenzic

Originally launched in 2017 under the name Meridian Mobility UK, Zenzic was created to lead the move to a safer, more inclusive and productive mobile future. Focusing on key areas of UK capability for the future of connected and automated mobility (CAM). The UK industry is set to be worth £52 Billion by 2035.

Government and industry have committed an initial £200 million through Zenzic to develop a coordinated national platform of CAM testing infrastructure. The first £102 million was announced in October 2017 and the latest competition for Meridian 2 and 3 was completed in 2018.

We are mapping the road to 2030

The UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap details developments from the present day to 2030. It presents a single vision that shows dependencies, focuses on investment and articulates the path to scale capabilities and technologies.

We’d love to discuss how we can assist your project.

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